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About Us

HAVOC is an all-purpose creative shop producing art and design of every kind for every need. Our "client first" philosophy has gained us the reputation as true creative partners with our customers.

Tom Lynch

Tom uses client's stories as the entry point to a creative path that is different for every project. What is discovered along the way he combines with a love of cultures, poetry and ancient thought. This kind of "creative alchemy" inspires design that reveals its meaning in different ways.

Tom's uses all mediums is to tell the  stories of our clients; always with the belief that some solutions cannot be planned—only found.

Antonio Reonegro

Tony's rock and roll reputation proceeds him but it is only one shining segment of his creative repertoire. In addition to the imaginary worlds he's conjured for the likes of The Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers, his lens has captured multi facets in the gem of life, with a photographic finesse that is matched only by his deft abilities as a traditional artist, designer and draughtsman.

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